Wednesday, April 13, 2016


My Best Learning

This is my Camp letter

502 Poplar Place

Dear Colin,

Thank you for giving up your time from work to come with us on camp. I liked it when you gave me courage in the skipping competition.
My favourite part of camp was the skipping rope competition, it was very fun to make. My team wouldn't of come 1st without you. When I first got to your skipping rope competition I was very excited, it felt like I was about to explode. You always make me feel better when you say something nice like are you ok, or something like that.

At the park when the hub was doing that competition thing you faced my team and still supported me. It was really fun to play against you because you are a competitive guy. Sometime’s I think about how supportive you are, you are the most supportive and nicest  guy I have ever met.

At weka you helped my team a little bit with the bamboo little house craft even though we already had a adult. It was really fun how you were in that one you are a good crafting person. It would have been really fun if you were at Weka.     

Thank you for everything that you have done at camp Omatua and Weka, I enjoyed you, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

I am proud of this because I made better word choices.  

My biggest challenge was spelling


  1. good job love the details :)

  2. Good Job Toby! You have made amazing word choices and you have
    put your personal best into it. You used your best spelling
    also you have made no mistakes.
    Keep Up The Great Work!