Friday, February 20, 2015

Week Two: The Triathlon

In the morning we got ready to go to the triathlon. We took 10 minutes to find a car park because it was really really busy. My family went to the Parkvale School tent and put our bags there.
We then went and got our weetbix and drink of juice. I liked the weetbix.
When the triathlon started I swam as fast as I could. I was swimming so fast because I had butterflies in my tummy.
When I was on my bike, the person in front of me crashed into the policeman. I laughed because it was quite funny. Luckily he was alright.
I think this picture is good because this is the meddle you get and it's important to give the weetbix triathlon a go.


  1. Toby, this is a great blog post! It is awesome to see you writing about things you are passionate about! Well done!

  2. grate post .I did the weet bix trathilan