Sunday, November 8, 2015

My dad

I am blogging this because I say that it was a 8/10 piece writing

MY DAD by Toby
Physical Description
Character Traits
* not that flash
* funny
* smart
* helpful
* kind
*cool - sometimes annoying
* gives me loleys
* sportful
* fast
* play on xbox

My Dad by Toby
My dad is a kind person and he helps me when I get stuck. He gives me lots of loleys when I want them. My dad is the smartest person i know.
Sometimes he can be  very funny he makes me laugh all the time.He is cool because when he takes me out on the boat he gives me the best fishing rod.

Whenever I am in a rugby game he cheers for me and my team. He likes playing rugby too. Even if I am sprinting he is still as fast as me.
My dad is not that flash he wears ugly clothes. He plays on xbox a lot every day when he comes home he goes on it.

He helps me when I want some help. He goes for a run every second day.My dad cleans up after me if I make a mess.He helps aver people
a lot. He is usually serious about stuff. My dad loves me all the time and I love him too.

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